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Do you feel distress when your health professional tells you there is no cure for your glaucoma, cataract, lupus, psoriasis etc, and that you just have to live with it for the rest of your life? What if you know other alternatives?  

Everything happens for a reason. In natural health, every health symptom has its cause. We believe in nutritional therapy because more healing come from nutrition.

We have a miracle body that can heal itself provided we feed them theright amount of nutrients. Eating a balance diet is challenging. Food is not scarce but nutrients are. Excessive farming produces food with typically void of nutrients especially minerals. Cooking destroys most of the vitamins and enzyme. Environmental factors again put more stress onto the body create excessive free radicals that cause damage to the tissues and even our organs.

My name is Kong Choon Yen, a Natural Health Crusader, a strong believer of natural health. have been imparting my Natural Home Remedies to others since the year 2008, teaching healthy food making and Newlife's Detox and Rejuvenation Program. I chosed to birth my 2nd baby by Hypno-water birth, a total natural approach.  I believe “Knowledge is Power” because I learned to activate my body's self-healing, self-repairing properties.

My father was diagnosed with glaucoma and suffered pain from the after effect of shingles a couple of years ago. Knowing that I can help him to regain his health but being rejected again and again. Until one day a friend recommended Super Lutein and Izumio to me. I was excited about how easy it is to get back health. Thanks to the Japanese advance technology that makes them so convenient and make my life easier. Through the sharing session I learn the “know how”. Immediately I sent them to my father in East Malaysia. Although he did not feel the difference in his vision, the test result showed that his eye pressure has gone down tremendously after 2 months of consuming Super Lutein and Izumio.

Millions of people have relieved from their health problems, others did not. Understand one rule, no one can guarantee result. Have faith in your choices.  Understand what your body needs, and learn how you can tap into Nutritional Therapy. Free yourself from all the embarrassment and inconvenience. The question is, do you want to live with pain and sorrow, or learn to transform your life for the better? YOUR LIFE, YOUR CHOICE!

The greatest thing in life is to be able to contribute to the society.  Help your families and friends to get well too.

I believe in paying it forward. One will get double the happiness and many good returns. So, love yourself, and your body will work extra hard for you. Join me to discover the secret of total wellbeing.



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