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Frequent Ask Questions


Who benefits the most from taking Super Lutein?


1. Those who suffer from various eye and skin problems.
2. Athletes that stress their bodies by over exert themselves

3. People who live a hectic lifestyles
4. People who are easily stress out such as those hold higher position at work, home makers and students
5. Pregnant and nursing moms that require additional and complete nutrients
6. Children and elderly who have weak immune system



I am not sick. Will Super Lutein and Izumio still benefit me?


Yes, definitely. There is a misconception many people think not sick means healthy. Even  if one gets cold fever doesn't mean one is weak. They are the acute stage of elimination. The body responses to the foreign substances such as bacteria and virus. Everyone consumes the "normal diet", the cooked food are  normally find it challenging in taking a balance diet. Environmental factors such as polluted air in the city, consume unfiltered water, UV light and radication created more stress and thus harmful free radicals in our body. Therefore, everyone can benefit from taking antioxidants rich supplement, Super Lutein and Izumio



Is Super Lutein suitable for those who have allergy problems?


As Super Lutein contains wheat germ oil, fish oil and gelatin, those who have allergy to these food should avoid it. If you are worried, try taking 1 capsule of Super Lutein and gradually increase the dosage.


Q Can I take Super Lutein with tea or coffee?

There has not been any report of counteraction between carotenoid and caffeine. It is always recommended to take supplement with plenty of room temperature or warm water.


Q Does it interfere with my medication?

Super Lutein is a food supplement equivalent to consuming colourful vegetables and fruits. zumio is water with high concentration of hydrogen dissolve in it. There is no adverse reaction with medication. Always check with your physician when in doubt.



Can pregnant lady or nursing mom take Super Lutein and Izumio?

The nutrition in Super Lutein benefits both the mother and the baby as breast milk contain beta-carotene. Lutein helps the development of the infant. DHA is crucial in fetus development. There is no report showed adverse effect on nursing mom and those who are pregnant. Please consult your doctor when in doubt. Izumio on the other hand help pregnant and nursing mom relieve fatigue, body's stress as it contained 2ppm hydrogen concentration. The highest in the market.


Q Will Super Lutein cause yellowness in my hands and legs?

The cause is like eating large amount of carrots. As Super lutein contain carotenoids (especially beta-carotene) from fruits and vegetables, similar symptoms may occur, but it does not affect your health in any way. Dr Norman Walker, a naturopathy doctor explained it as the natural way of removing toxin through the pore of the skin.


Q I am udergoing dialysis therapy. The doctor advised me to limit intake of phosphorus, potassium and sodium. Can I take Super Lutein?

The phosphorus, potassium and sodium found in Super Lutein are produced during the processing of raw materials: they were not added. As the amount is very small, there should not be any problem if you take the daily recommended dose. The amount of sodium in three capsules is only 2.22mg and should not cause any problems. Always consult your doctor if in doubt.


Q Is Izumio suitable for everyone?


Yes, it is suitable for everyone, just like drinking spring water. Unless doctor advise to limit your intake of water. My baby loves to drink Izumio and often fight with his brother for the delicious hydrogenized water.


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