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Do you want to have the same vitality that children have?

Optimum Health for Better Performance, Energize Body and Mental Clarity. Super Lutein and Izumio are the easiest and most convenient solution for busy urban people to get optimum health.

Izumio instantly remove oxidative free radicals from our body.

Super Lutein provides the lost of balance nutrition. Easy and simple in obtaining daily nutritional needs.

Achieved Products of The Year 2008 and 2009

Why are Super Lutein and Izumio So Good?

Recommended by Taiwan Health Supplement Book.                                

Complete Nutrition, Effective, Simple and Convenient =“Nutritional Supplement of the 21st Century”

By feeding the body the nutrients they required, it activates the body's self-healing property, enable the body to perform detox, repair and rejuvenate the sick cells. Hence, strengthen immune function and may even reverse aging.

Suitable for all ages. From children to elderly, from pregnant and nursing mums to those with seek optimal health.

Naturally Plus is committed to improving its' products quality and quantity. Thanks to the Japanese advance technology that bring about 2 strong products (Super Lutein and Izumio) to the people who has difficulty keeping up with the healthy lifestyle and  to those who seek easy and convenient way to optimum health.

Since 1999, Naturally Plus has improved Super Lutein's by adding other antioxidant food to enhance its effectiveness. Within 9 years of launching, Super Lutein has reached the 5th generation added Crocetin, an indispensible antioxidant that closely observed by researchers worldwide, can penetrate into tissue fibers that are difficult to be reached by other carotenoids. Super Lutein's quality is the Naturally Plus' priority. 

Naturally Plus believes in giving back to the society. The company supports Taiwan Guide Dog Association, Japan Guide Dog Association, Taiwan Foundation for the Blind, Mind and Body Disabled Organization and other activities.        

The amount of antioxidant you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long you will live”                                   Richard Cutler, MD National Institutes of Health

Izumio's new packaging commenced since September 2010 increased volume from 180ml to 200ml without additional charges.

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Why is lutein important to human body? 

Izumio New Packaging Izumio – Miracle Water (Hydrogenated Water)

Hydrogenated water has been proven by scientists in its ability to bind with free radicals and remove it through urination. 

Japanese advanced technology enable hydrogen to be kept in a four layered aluminium film packaging to preserve the -500~700mv Oxidation-Reduction-Potential. It immediately bring body's acidity to alkaline state(detoxify). Hydrogenated water also act as antioxidant removing free radicals instantly by donating an electron to stabilise free radicals. Thus, it's ability to bring one's health back to normal. Therefore, hydrogenised/hydrogenated water is called the Miracle Water.

Izumio is conveniently package as a delitious beverage that contain 2,000,000 ppt, the highest Rate of Dissolved Hydrogen Concentration. Abount 3636 times of healing water in Lourdes, France.

Professor Oota said: Because hydrogen may reach places in the cell which medicine is unable to, moreover low-density hydrogen is a safe gas. Hence, an effective in reverse the early aging process. In short, Izumio instantly remove oxidative free radicals from the  body.

You can choose to consume Izumio daily to remove stress and relieve fatigue of the day and same time apply as facemask to reduce wrinkle and rejuvenate skin. Apply 15 minutes if use as facemask. Use daily to see better result.

  Super Lutein - Complete Nutritional Needs 






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