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Millions of people have found better health and better lives through feeding the body the right type of nutrients. How did these people successfully regain their health? They learn to tap into nutritional therapy and remove the causes of their sicknesses, not the sypmtoms.

The testimonials below are based on individual responses. It does not guarantee results.


Testimonials - Improved Eyesight

1. Asthma Has Improved and No Longer Need Spectacle

Hi, I'm Roland Koh, I have eyesight problem with spectable that I see 3 as 8 and 6 as 9. It caused so much inconvenient. Same time I have asthma since 1 year old. I suffered a lot from my asthma since national service. After I got to know Super Lutein and Izumio, I took 5 capsules of Super Lutein and 1 packet of Izumio water twice a day. After 3 weeks, my eyesight become clearer. So I continue to consume them. After 6 months, I realised that my asthma is gone. It's wonderful so I wanted to share with you all. Thank you.


2. Regain Eyesight after Vision Loss

Mr Oh Kai Kok (76years old) -I used to have eye floater, cataract, astigmatism and glaucoma at the same time. They caused so much inconvenient so I decided to undergo eye lasik in 2008. Unfortunately lasik surgery failed twice on me. I lose my eyesight for 36 days. Can't even read newspaper. My friend recommended me Super Lutein and Izumio. I gave it a try hoping to regain my eyesight since I can't see anyway. So I consumed 5 capsules of Super Lutein and 1 packet of Izumio 3 times a day. Now I can see even the small letters and drive without my glasses. I don't need my spectacles anymore 8 glasses thrown away. My coronary arteries are blocked and often felt pain when I squat down. Now my arteries are all cleared. My cholesterol level was 280 and now below 200. My right side of the head was painful during the night and now relieved. I dont' need to take medication anymore. I am really gladful to Naturally Plus who brought two wonderful products to Singapore. I've regain my health. I am now still taking 5 capsules and 1 packet of Izumio three times a day. Thanks to Naturally Plus for the wonderful products.


3. Fight Fatigue and Dry Eye

Hi, I'm Tony Chan 47 years old. I had heart ballooning operation 5 years ago and felt extreme fatigue and weak. My brother, who has improved his eyesight recommended me Super Lutein. After 2 months of consuming it. I felt energised and recommended my wife who had dry eyes and redness due to her eye capillaries burst. Doctor recommended her to use eye drop since 1995 until 2010. After consuming Super Lutein for just 1 month, my wife has now recovered from her dry eye condition. No longer needed the eyedrops. I sincerely thanks Super Lutein gave me back my health . 


Testimonial – Improved Skin Conditions

4. Psoriasis 

I'm Tony Lee in Penang, suffered from psoriasis. I igot to know Super Lutein from my wife who had eye floater. After just 5 days consumed only 3 capsules, she recovered. So I decided to gave it a try. After my first try, 3 capsules that night, my skin became tight and aching. I noticed the second day my scarr became lighter. So I decided to increase the dosage to 9 capsules a day for 2 bottles and followed by 6 capsules a day taken 2 bottles. It recovered 90% within 2 months. Now after 4 months of consuming Super Lutein, my psoriasis has recovered 95%. Thank you very much to the is wonderful product.


Testimonial – Diabetes

5. Improved Diabetes Condition - Her Wound Recovered

Improve Diabetes Condition

Wound of a diabetic patient has improved. From 13 January to 10 March 2009 by consuming 9 capsules of Super Lutein and 1 pack of Izumio


Testimonial – Removal of Body's Toxin

6. Enhanced on Congenited Skin Resistant

Congenited Skin Re

In less than 2 months, this little boy has successfully purged out toxin from the body. He drank Izumio


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